The DISGUSTING Sandwich in Year 1

This week we have started to learn our new story, The Disgusting Sandwich, and have done some work to deepen our understanding of what we are reading.

First we looked at the settings in the story and made some 3D maps using paper manpulation skills.

Then we went into the cafe and made some beautiful sandwiches… which we then dropped in the sand pit, dipped in the pond, rode over them on scooters and more! Just like in the story.

We then took a walk in our local area, learning some key features of Alwoodley and road safety, as we walked to the… park!

Stormy seas artwork

Year 1 became ACE artists this week as we created a stormy sea background by mixing primary colours. Watch this space as we add to this in the coming weeks..

1C clockwise from top left: Ysabella, Isaac, Gryff and Roham

1B clockwise from top left: Arita, Leo, Zak and Arvin

An exciting delivery…

This afternoon 1C were very excited to receive an exciting delivery from Mrs Johnston, after she had been looking at our blog and wanted to share more clay with us!

To celebrate a fabulous nativity performance to our Year 2 friends, we spend part of our afternoon engaging Team Ant, further developing our clay sketching, using tools for different purposes and having a wonderful time playing with the clay.

The children were challenged, in their pairs, to create some amazing and wonderful things. I wonder if you can work out what some of our creations were.

Comment below if you managed to spot anything you recognised.

Clay Sketching in Year 1!

This week, Year 1 have been using clay to sketch each other. To make this more challenging, and exciting, we asked our parent to make a pose for us to make using the clay. We had such a lovely time sketching our friends and have learned how to manipulate clay in a variety of different ways.


Over the past few weeks we have been enjoying looking at sunflowers in our art lessons. We started by sketching a sunflower thinking about using a back and forth technique. Then we painted a sunflower and looked at mixing the different colours to make the shade or colour we needed. Finally, we added other media to our sunflowers to create more detail and add texture.