Maths Week Challenge!

It is challenge time for Year 1! Mr Kay has signed all Year 1 children up to Numbots and given us a very special task – to celebrate Maths Week.

Your challenge is to play Numbots for 30 minutes each day. Can you rise to the occasion? Prizes will be awarded at the end of the week.

Your Numbots password is the same as your reading eggs password, which is located in your reading records.

Science Autumn Walk

This week in Year 1 we put on our coats and headed out into the school grounds to become ACE Scientists. Our aim? To make careful scientific observations. Before we set off we thought about what we already knew about the seasons, particularly Autumn. The children came up with ideas such as, ‘The leaves are changing colour,’ and ‘The leaves are turning red, yellow, brown and orange’.

During our walk the children were excited to see that many of the trees had leaves that had changed colour. We also found lots of leaves on the floor and collected some to explore in more detail. We noticed that not all the trees had leaves that were changing colour and that these called evergreen trees.

Clay Sketching in Year 1!

This week, Year 1 have been using clay to sketch each other. To make this more challenging, and exciting, we asked our parent to make a pose for us to make using the clay. We had such a lovely time sketching our friends and have learned how to manipulate clay in a variety of different ways.

Year 1 are ACE storytellers!

This week we have started to learn the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have made our own story maps, a story mountain and started to put some actions with our storytelling to help us remember different parts of our traditional tale. We will be focusing on the openings and endings of stories over the next couple of weeks and it would be lovely if you can read some traditional tales at home and think about the language used by the authors.

I wonder if you could use the map or the videos of us performing our storytelling to practice at home?

A story mountain from Year 1.
1C’s story map of the Three Little Pigs.
1M’s story map of the Three Little Pigs.
1S’ story map of the Three Little Pigs.
1C have been starting to learn the story using our map and actions.

The launch of the Three Little Pigs!

This afternoon, Year 1 were given the task of building a house as a group that needed to withstand ‘the huff and the puff’ of a hairdryer! Engaging their team ant skills, they worked together to select from a variety of materials to create their own free standing houses. They used straws, paper, card, lollipop sticks, pipe-cleaners, masking tape and glue, to build some very imaginative houses. The final test was to see if they would stand up against the hairdryer! Most of the houses proved to be very sturdy and survived the test.

Next week we will be learning the story of the Three Little Pigs through T4W, discovering which of the pigs houses managed to survive against the wolf’s huffing and puffing.