Miss Smith’s Half Term

Good Morning 1RC hope you all had a lovely half term.

I had a lovely time exploring new areas, me and my mum took Skye to a reservoir, do you know what a reservoir is? She had a lovely time running in the fields. We had to be careful that Skye didn’t get too hot, we brought lots of water to cool us down and sat in the shade to have a little picnic. 🙂

Another exciting thing that happened is my mum decided to buy a tent. We were meant to be going on holiday in the half tern so instead me and my sister ended up camping in my back garden, Molly even joined us for 1 night.

1 thought on “Miss Smith’s Half Term

  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun, Miss Smith!

    We used to camp in a tent, but I prefer a bit more comfort these days in a campervan.
    Where would you like to go with your tent, when we are allowed to go camping again?
    Children, have any of you been in a tent? Let us know!

    Mrs Girt

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