Our Great Fire of London visitor!

This afternoon all of Year 1 had a special visit from Samuel Pepys! He told us all about the Great Fire of London and what happened at the time.

Did you know there was no fire brigade in 1666?

Did you know the people made a water chain to pass the water from the river?

Did you know they blew up houses to stop the fire?

All about the Titanic today!

This morning we spent our time using different resources to show our learning about the Titanic. We used the iPads to research, Lego to build 20 lifeboats for our Titanic small world, wrote facts that we know in the writing area, looked at our senses and what we can hear, see and smell and wrote postcards from Samson from our class book, Samson’s Titanic Journey.

The Great Fire of Allerton

The last couple of weeks have marked a special occasion in our learning. But today was even more unique. Today we saw… the Great Fire of Allerton!

We have spent time looking at Tudor houses, London in 1666, and why the Great Fire of London happened. But we couldn’t resist trying it out for ourselves.

We made our own Tudor hours and took them to the fire pit to see if we could recreate what happened almost 400 years ago…

Take a look at how it went…

Samuel Pepys visit

Year 1 have been very excited today after our visit this morning by the one and only, Samuel Pepys! We have learned so much this about the Great Fire of London, including the song London’s Burning.

The children were fantastically well behaved and all the Year 1 staff were very proud of everyone that took part. There were even some 1RC children that were turned into historical figures for the morning.

We are looking forward to using our new learning after half term when we begin to look at the Great Fire of London in more detail!