Miss Smith’s Half Term

Good Morning 1RC hope you all had a lovely half term.

I had a lovely time exploring new areas, me and my mum took Skye to a reservoir, do you know what a reservoir is? She had a lovely time running in the fields. We had to be careful that Skye didn’t get too hot, we brought lots of water to cool us down and sat in the shade to have a little picnic. 🙂

Another exciting thing that happened is my mum decided to buy a tent. We were meant to be going on holiday in the half tern so instead me and my sister ended up camping in my back garden, Molly even joined us for 1 night.

My Weekend

Good Morning 1RC hope you all enjoyed the weather this weekend.

Me and Skye have been busy this weekend, Skye was very tired on Saturday morning from all of our lovely walks that we have been doing, can you tell from the video? However, we did go for a short walk when Skye was ready. She really enjoyed the sunshine 🙂

I have also been busy baking, I have found something new that I am really enjoying, I think I will continue baking and see what else I am good at baking. This weekend I made 2 big cheesecakes, last weekend I made a chocolate cake, what shall I try and make next?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Miss Smith

Daily Exercise with Skye

Good morning 1RC

hope you all have had a lovely weekend with your families enjoying the weather before it started to rain yesterday 🙁

I have just been for a lovely morning walk with my dog Skye, I think she was very excited about going for her daily exercise with all that noise, I wonder what she was trying to tell me? 🙂

We would love to see some of your pictures from your daily exercises and look out for story time with Skye and my other dog Molly this afternoon.

Have a great day

From Miss Smith and Skye 🙂